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Was Rp558.387,25Now Rp494.775,00
Was Rp746.951,25Now Rp730.000,00
Was Rp965.590,20Now Rp938.598,00
Was Rp656.126,00Now Rp569.684,00
Was Rp443.887,34Now Rp412.572,00
Was Rp687.727,00Now Rp594.306,00
Was Rp1.162.500,00Now Rp961.273,00
Was Rp433.898,40Now Rp403.488,00
Was Rp530.650,00Now Rp471.918,00
Was Rp231.286,00Now Rp199.303,00
Was Rp403.123,16Now Rp371.156,00
Was Rp1.050.500,80Now Rp870.833,00
Was Rp518.233,00Now Rp462.243,00
Was Rp628.867,00Now Rp548.445,00
Was Rp523.500,00Now Rp466.347,00
Was Rp516.126,00Now Rp460.601,00
Was Rp524.553,00Now Rp467.167,00
Was Rp821.799,00Now Rp681.793,00
Was Rp1.155.478,00Now Rp515.633,00
Was Rp674.033,00Now Rp583.636,00
Was Rp521.393,00Now Rp464.705,00
Was Rp571.856,00Now Rp504.024,00
Was Rp524.853,00Now Rp467.401,00
Was Rp514.319,00Now Rp459.194,00
Was Rp759.106,00Now Rp649.922,00
Was Rp1.583.243,00Now Rp1.331.028,00
Was Rp667.553,00Now Rp578.587,00
Was Rp396.029,00Now Rp348.514,00
Was Rp459.028,00Now Rp457.975,00
Was Rp1.250.835,00Now Rp1.144.501,00
Was Rp403.343,75Now Rp355.737,00
Was Rp390.490,38Now Rp367.373,00
Was Rp690.228,94Now Rp448.505,00
Was Rp350.998,12Now Rp322.121,00
Was Rp401.566,30Now Rp369.643,00
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