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Was Rp958.684,75 Now Rp904.935,00
Was Rp212.589,00 Now Rp166.311,00
Was Rp257.999,00 Now Rp227.346,00
Was Rp271.524,00 Now Rp240.700,00
Was Rp974.700,00 Now Rp852.298,50
Was Rp448.743,25 Now Rp418.458,00
Was Rp397.860,00 Now Rp357.520,00
Was Rp235.128,00 Now Rp204.763,00
Was Rp220.308,00 Now Rp190.130,00
Was Rp274.587,00 Now Rp234.747,00
Was Rp303.089,00 Now Rp261.970,00
Was Rp252.884,00 Now Rp221.724,00
Was Rp220.152,00 Now Rp189.976,00
Was Rp182.698,00 Now Rp152.994,00
Was Rp238.000,00 Now Rp168.825,00
Was Rp309.853,00 Now Rp278.545,00
Was Rp244.013,00 Now Rp213.536,00
Was Rp238.000,00 Now Rp158.471,00
Was Rp212.575,00 Now Rp175.519,00
Was Rp190.592,00 Now Rp154.522,00
Was Rp251.245,00 Now Rp212.452,00
Was Rp338.230,00 Now Rp289.492,00
Was Rp337.515,00 Now Rp294.851,00
Was Rp239.431,00 Now Rp209.011,00
Was Rp220.968,00 Now Rp190.782,00
Was Rp250.822,00 Now Rp220.259,00
Was Rp260.603,00 Now Rp220.885,00
Was Rp364.136,00 Now Rp318.915,00
Was Rp282.280,00 Now Rp242.095,00
Was Rp279.652,00 Now Rp246.812,00
Was Rp211.577,00 Now Rp165.345,00
Was Rp219.346,00 Now Rp189.180,00
Was Rp213.589,00 Now Rp183.495,00
Was Rp213.589,00 Now Rp183.495,00
Was Rp213.589,00 Now Rp183.495,00
Was Rp235.374,00 Now Rp195.965,00
Was Rp244.402,00 Now Rp204.540,00
Was Rp299.643,00 Now Rp257.010,00
Was Rp270.862,00 Now Rp229.673,00
Was Rp323.781,00 Now Rp279.937,00
Was Rp297.491,00 Now Rp254.966,00
Was Rp269.230,00 Now Rp228.123,00
Was Rp293.174,00 Now Rp250.865,00
Was Rp267.211,00 Now Rp226.205,00
Was Rp240.576,00 Now Rp200.906,00
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