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Was Rp669.596,00 Now Rp545.172,00
Was Rp716.175,00 Now Rp589.193,00
Was Rp765.000,00 Now Rp713.526,00
Was Rp329.501,00 Now Rp326.432,00
Was Rp348.030,00 Now Rp344.789,00
Was Rp875.310,00 Now Rp867.440,00
Was Rp830.641,00 Now Rp823.173,00
Was Rp840.359,00 Now Rp832.804,00
Was Rp308.716,00 Now Rp305.841,00
Was Rp375.212,00 Now Rp371.718,00
Was Rp459.195,00 Now Rp415.677,00
Was Rp830.823,00 Now Rp823.353,00
Was Rp691.699,00 Now Rp685.258,00
Was Rp828.481,00 Now Rp821.032,00
Was Rp248.676,00 Now Rp246.441,00
Was Rp278.564,00 Now Rp275.970,00
Was Rp312.898,00 Now Rp309.984,00
Was Rp237.043,00 Now Rp234.176,00
Was Rp413.509,00 Now Rp409.658,00
Was Rp348.150,00 Now Rp345.020,00
Was Rp562.652,00 Now Rp557.413,00
Was Rp488.972,00 Now Rp484.419,00
Was Rp257.818,00 Now Rp254.699,00
Was Rp205.164,00 Now Rp203.319,00
Was Rp360.339,00 Now Rp355.980,00
Was Rp360.339,00 Now Rp355.980,00
Was Rp601.667,00 Now Rp596.064,00
Was Rp812.178,00 Now Rp804.876,00
Was Rp444.605,00 Now Rp440.465,00
Was Rp925.513,00 Now Rp917.192,00
Was Rp1.125.326,00 Now Rp1.115.208,00
Was Rp432.748,00 Now Rp428.718,00
Was Rp860.000,00 Now Rp838.242,00
Was Rp475.444,00 Now Rp471.017,00
Was Rp378.842,00 Now Rp375.314,00
Was Rp884.652,00 Now Rp876.698,00
Was Rp839.559,00 Now Rp832.011,00
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