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Was Rp672.375,06Now Rp672.375,00
Was Rp306.245,00Now Rp274.983,00
Was Rp306.496,00Now Rp275.231,00
Was Rp385.338,00Now Rp353.078,00
Was Rp263.468,00Now Rp232.746,00
Was Rp271.082,00Now Rp240.263,00
Was Rp213.631,00Now Rp183.537,00
Was Rp243.858,00Now Rp213.383,00
Was Rp201.822,00Now Rp164.545,00
Was Rp232.020,00Now Rp208.662,00
Was Rp342.186,00Now Rp289.621,00
Was Rp666.487,80Now Rp614.553,00
Was Rp329.675,00Now Rp298.117,00
Was Rp213.280,00Now Rp183.191,00
Was Rp393.788,00Now Rp393.694,00
Was Rp993.619,00Now Rp981.087,00
Was Rp327.743,00Now Rp317.520,00
Was Rp1.476.768,00Now Rp1.384.461,00
Was Rp322.284,97Now Rp313.285,00

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