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Was Rp359.330,00 Now Rp281.103,38
Was Rp313.442,00 Now Rp293.442,00
Was Rp520.760,00 Now Rp500.760,00
Was Rp321.992,00 Now Rp288.571,70
Was Rp1.140.126,00 Now Rp1.097.819,80
Was Rp429.404,00 Now Rp409.404,00
Was Rp574.603,00 Now Rp554.603,00
Was Rp647.758,00 Now Rp627.758,00
Was Rp1.047.672,00 Now Rp1.027.672,00
Was Rp599.610,00 Now Rp579.610,00
Was Rp409.147,00 Now Rp389.147,00
Was Rp586.809,00 Now Rp566.809,00
Was Rp330.197,75 Now Rp310.197,75
Was Rp1.978.543,00 Now Rp1.958.543,00
Was Rp353.526,00 Now Rp333.526,00
Was Rp823.648,00 Now Rp803.648,00
Was Rp1.131.589,00 Now Rp945.929,75
Was Rp315.859,00 Now Rp295.859,00
Was Rp676.725,00 Now Rp656.725,00
Was Rp190.587,00 Now Rp161.998,95
Was Rp675.620,00 Now Rp655.620,00
Was Rp372.542,00 Now Rp352.542,00
Was Rp877.534,00 Now Rp857.534,00
Was Rp927.788,00 Now Rp916.892,20
Was Rp337.405,00 Now Rp317.405,00
Was Rp383.082,00 Now Rp363.082,00
Was Rp626.880,00 Now Rp606.880,00
Was Rp222.975,00 Now Rp202.975,00
Was Rp372.676,00 Now Rp330.952,12
Was Rp272.692,00 Now Rp252.692,00
Was Rp233.090,00 Now Rp213.090,00
Was Rp582.257,40 Now Rp562.257,40
Was Rp492.134,00 Now Rp432.240,20
Was Rp776.582,00 Now Rp756.582,00
Was Rp356.074,00 Now Rp336.074,00
Was Rp745.845,00 Now Rp725.845,00
Was Rp369.553,00 Now Rp349.553,00
Was Rp260.272,00 Now Rp209.705,70
Was Rp419.667,00 Now Rp399.667,00
Was Rp369.681,00 Now Rp349.681,00
Was Rp382.966,00 Now Rp362.966,00
Was Rp323.932,00 Now Rp303.932,00
Was Rp204.968,00 Now Rp184.968,00
Was Rp508.889,00 Now Rp488.889,00
Was Rp384.846,00 Now Rp364.846,00
Was Rp362.312,00 Now Rp342.312,00
Was Rp519.725,00 Now Rp499.725,00
Was Rp388.399,00 Now Rp368.399,00
Was Rp410.078,00 Now Rp390.078,00
Was Rp316.192,00 Now Rp296.192,00
Was Rp283.285,00 Now Rp263.285,00
Was Rp685.842,00 Now Rp665.842,00
Was Rp261.325,00 Now Rp241.325,00
Was Rp338.392,00 Now Rp318.392,00
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