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Was Rp264.167,00 Now Rp224.794,00
Was Rp213.803,00 Now Rp176.691,00
Was Rp303.590,00 Now Rp267.516,00
Was Rp328.084,00 Now Rp291.115,00
Was Rp337.233,00 Now Rp292.715,00
Was Rp346.389,00 Now Rp303.327,00
Was Rp326.547,00 Now Rp284.376,00
Was Rp336.396,00 Now Rp293.782,00
Was Rp257.970,00 Now Rp218.876,00
Was Rp257.539,00 Now Rp218.078,00
Was Rp415.170,00 Now Rp369.022,00
Was Rp196.748,00 Now Rp172.194,00
Was Rp237.923,00 Now Rp207.522,00
Was Rp163.671,61 Now Rp161.325,00
Was Rp197.401,00 Now Rp159.896,00
Was Rp459.210,00 Now Rp451.256,00
Was Rp266.640,00 Now Rp243.387,00
Was Rp340.062,00 Now Rp318.094,00
Was Rp484.552,00 Now Rp476.519,00
Was Rp286.848,00 Now Rp260.258,00
Was Rp262.605,00 Now Rp241.815,00
Was Rp276.526,00 Now Rp250.456,00
Was Rp282.674,00 Now Rp254.708,00
Was Rp267.342,00 Now Rp244.980,00
Was Rp399.529,00 Now Rp377.622,00
Was Rp366.088,00 Now Rp343.419,00
Was Rp337.789,00 Now Rp327.520,00
Was Rp880.845,00 Now Rp859.114,00
Was Rp278.460,00 Now Rp267.316,00
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