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Was Rp184.049Now Rp161.356,48
Was Rp603.323Now Rp500.784
Was Rp151.365Now Rp139.480,89
Was Rp189.588,39Now Rp181.884,48
Was Rp82.714,89Now Rp73.496,99
Was Rp98.602,19Now Rp89.609,49
Was Rp252.586,48Now Rp177.564,48
Was Rp95.760,29Now Rp86.726,99
Was Rp212.755,48Now Rp205.379,48
Was Rp309.296,38Now Rp303.288
Was Rp324.138,78Now Rp318.340,50
Was Rp180.319,10Now Rp172.483,98
Was Rp599.472Now Rp497.667
Was Rp216.195,69Now Rp208.868,48
Was Rp83.294,69Now Rp74.084,99
Was Rp313.709,78Now Rp311.689
Was Rp736.817,40Now Rp736.817
Was Rp329.746,70Now Rp324.028
Was Rp163.145Now Rp149.541,48

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