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Was Rp523.578,12 Now Rp495.000,00
Was Rp483.899,00 Now Rp434.980,00
Was Rp1.026.600,25 Now Rp995.995,00
Was Rp384.502,00 Now Rp356.023,00
Was Rp323.705,00 Now Rp237.864,00
Was Rp181.354,00 Now Rp160.521,00
Was Rp176.991,60 Now Rp106.194,95
Was Rp257.559,00 Now Rp154.535,40
Was Rp273.958,00 Now Rp243.245,00
Was Rp540.241,00 Now Rp412.562,00
Was Rp1.170.229,00 Now Rp936.822,00
Was Rp436.235,22 Now Rp434.742,00
Was Rp419.599,00 Now Rp288.691,00
Was Rp852.539,00 Now Rp790.387,00
Was Rp378.939,00 Now Rp287.864,00
Was Rp166.468,00 Now Rp143.931,00
Was Rp383.865,00 Now Rp312.995,00
Was Rp307.866,00 Now Rp214.663,00
Was Rp271.700,03 Now Rp270.283,30
Was Rp942.434,10 Now Rp807.959,00
Was Rp307.000,00 Now Rp299.165,00
Was Rp653.980,00 Now Rp517.483,00
Was Rp1.047.629,00 Now Rp828.970,00
Was Rp1.104.540,00 Now Rp874.003,00
Was Rp988.874,00 Now Rp782.478,00
Was Rp389.000,00 Now Rp309.584,00
Was Rp162.864,00 Now Rp142.274,00
Was Rp851.135,90 Now Rp840.559,00
Was Rp220.331,00 Now Rp192.201,00
Was Rp648.086,00 Now Rp512.819,00
Was Rp244.788,00 Now Rp216.606,00
Was Rp991.901,00 Now Rp784.873,00
Was Rp273.964,00 Now Rp193.615,00
Was Rp563.536,00 Now Rp445.916,00
Was Rp162.392,00 Now Rp141.808,00
Was Rp162.392,00 Now Rp141.808,00
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