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Was Rp664.425Now Rp648.987
Was Rp458.175Now Rp453.175
Was Rp237.905Now Rp128.850,49
Was Rp355.675Now Rp311.525
Was Rp213.795Now Rp206.123,19
Was Rp384.725Now Rp351.132
Was Rp267.500Now Rp262.500
Was Rp656.615Now Rp590.953,50
Was Rp510.968Now Rp433.202
Was Rp517.454Now Rp445.638
Was Rp260.855Now Rp260.810
Was Rp2.134.005Now Rp2.131.937
Was Rp154.180Now Rp136.155
Was Rp352.904Now Rp269.879
Was Rp868.610Now Rp863.610
Was Rp110.042Now Rp93.376
Was Rp1.828.232Now Rp1.782.368
Was Rp443.878Now Rp305.824
Was Rp84.918Now Rp83.668
Was Rp104.744Now Rp101.821
Was Rp95.385Now Rp94.358
Was Rp95.026Now Rp93.960
Was Rp142.033Now Rp118.092
Was Rp90.429Now Rp88.307
Was Rp171.816Now Rp128.786
Was Rp114.064Now Rp108.276
Was Rp1.829.349Now Rp1.735.429
Was Rp557.740Now Rp501.966
Was Rp212.909Now Rp212.759
Was Rp283.288Now Rp169.141
Was Rp516.527Now Rp445.406
Was Rp1.291.547Now Rp1.241.615
Was Rp1.641.410Now Rp1.590.992
Was Rp653.983Now Rp648.983
Was Rp1.052.628Now Rp1.047.628
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