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Was Rp586.535,00 Now Rp346.994,00
Was Rp353.430,00 Now Rp302.576,00
Was Rp463.186,00 Now Rp381.229,00
Was Rp465.458,00 Now Rp383.403,00
Was Rp468.866,00 Now Rp386.664,00
Was Rp474.059,00 Now Rp391.633,00
Was Rp615.730,00 Now Rp303.594,00
Was Rp519.508,00 Now Rp282.864,00
Was Rp838.981,00 Now Rp715.342,00
Was Rp799.952,00 Now Rp678.000,00
Was Rp578.201,00 Now Rp569.817,00
Was Rp247.123,00 Now Rp236.439,00
Was Rp181.968,84 Now Rp163.771,95
Was Rp572.862,00 Now Rp568.264,00
Was Rp239.067,00 Now Rp228.732,00
Was Rp286.749,00 Now Rp274.352,00
Was Rp201.321,00 Now Rp192.618,00
Was Rp427.702,00 Now Rp409.212,00
Was Rp193.297,00 Now Rp184.941,00
Was Rp192.325,00 Now Rp184.010,00
Was Rp283.968,00 Now Rp269.699,00
Was Rp676.118,00 Now Rp646.889,00
Was Rp602.966,00 Now Rp576.900,00
Was Rp377.377,00 Now Rp361.063,00
Was Rp256.953,00 Now Rp249.216,00
Was Rp510.778,00 Now Rp488.697,00
Was Rp214.268,00 Now Rp209.059,00
Was Rp350.399,00 Now Rp335.251,00
Was Rp866.916,00 Now Rp829.439,00
Was Rp253.188,00 Now Rp242.242,00
Was Rp293.303,00 Now Rp280.624,00
Was Rp202.777,00 Now Rp194.011,00
Was Rp256.744,00 Now Rp245.645,00
Was Rp223.850,00 Now Rp214.173,00
Was Rp344.719,00 Now Rp329.816,00
Was Rp802.848,00 Now Rp768.140,00
Was Rp675.285,00 Now Rp646.092,00
Was Rp801.751,00 Now Rp767.091,00
Was Rp809.866,00 Now Rp774.855,00
Was Rp749.415,00 Now Rp717.017,00
Was Rp753.635,00 Now Rp721.055,00
Was Rp771.974,00 Now Rp738.601,00
Was Rp775.544,00 Now Rp742.017,00
Was Rp778.141,00 Now Rp744.501,00
Was Rp236.913,00 Now Rp226.671,00
Was Rp240.631,00 Now Rp230.228,00
Was Rp220.485,00 Now Rp220.304,00
Was Rp436.561,00 Now Rp417.688,00
Was Rp436.561,00 Now Rp417.688,00
Was Rp436.561,00 Now Rp417.688,00
Was Rp436.561,00 Now Rp417.688,00
Was Rp469.678,00 Now Rp449.374,00
Was Rp480.714,00 Now Rp459.933,00
Was Rp460.409,00 Now Rp440.505,00
Was Rp466.108,00 Now Rp445.958,00
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