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Was Rp177.150,00 Now Rp170.124,00
Was Rp172.624,00 Now Rp165.589,00
Was Rp206.818,00 Now Rp199.847,00
Was Rp185.843,00 Now Rp178.833,00
Was Rp263.076,00 Now Rp247.013,00
Was Rp270.409,00 Now Rp254.360,00
Was Rp272.623,00 Now Rp256.578,00
Was Rp344.387,00 Now Rp328.477,00
Was Rp174.556,00 Now Rp167.524,00
Was Rp199.525,00 Now Rp192.541,00
Was Rp186.147,00 Now Rp179.137,00
Was Rp278.682,00 Now Rp262.649,00
Was Rp234.251,00 Now Rp218.134,00
Was Rp272.623,00 Now Rp256.578,00
Was Rp195.119,00 Now Rp188.126,00
Was Rp337.986,00 Now Rp322.063,00
Was Rp203.589,00 Now Rp196.612,00
Was Rp221.582,00 Now Rp214.639,00
Was Rp191.104,00 Now Rp184.104,00
Was Rp242.146,00 Now Rp226.043,00
Was Rp189.085,00 Now Rp182.080,00
Was Rp216.992,00 Now Rp210.040,00
Was Rp247.286,00 Now Rp231.194,00
Was Rp184.127,00 Now Rp177.114,00
Was Rp307.508,00 Now Rp291.528,00
Was Rp183.577,00 Now Rp176.562,00
Was Rp242.696,00 Now Rp226.595,00
Was Rp202.671,00 Now Rp195.692,00
Was Rp204.507,00 Now Rp197.532,00
Was Rp197.163,00 Now Rp190.174,00
Was Rp194.042,00 Now Rp187.047,00
Was Rp285.108,00 Now Rp269.087,00
Was Rp259.588,00 Now Rp243.518,00
Was Rp198.632,00 Now Rp191.646,00
Was Rp243.798,00 Now Rp227.699,00
Was Rp269.686,00 Now Rp253.635,00
Was Rp294.105,00 Now Rp278.100,00
Was Rp217.543,00 Now Rp210.592,00
Was Rp344.963,00 Now Rp329.053,00
Was Rp394.902,00 Now Rp379.086,00
Was Rp320.393,00 Now Rp304.437,00
Was Rp192.929,00 Now Rp185.932,00
Was Rp303.641,00 Now Rp287.654,00
Was Rp205.965,00 Now Rp198.992,00
Was Rp198.437,00 Now Rp191.450,00
Was Rp214.410,00 Now Rp207.454,00
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