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Was Rp214.487Now Rp187.919
Was Rp249.131Now Rp194.718
Was Rp244.820Now Rp191.292
Was Rp396.263Now Rp391.263
Was Rp317.663,28Now Rp270.013,80
Was Rp301.061Now Rp195.689,66
Was Rp204.851Now Rp133.153,16
Was Rp203.587Now Rp132.331,55
Was Rp261.739Now Rp170.130,34
Was Rp207.855,30Now Rp176.677
Was Rp144.256Now Rp122.617,60
Was Rp127.630Now Rp82.959,50
Was Rp214.579Now Rp160.934,25
Was Rp187.702Now Rp131.391,40
Was Rp262.331Now Rp222.981,34
Was Rp176.744Now Rp150.232,40
Was Rp95.281Now Rp80.988,85
Was Rp216.962Now Rp184.417,70
Was Rp189.527Now Rp123.192,55
Was Rp145.741Now Rp109.305,75
Was Rp267.961Now Rp187.572,70
Was Rp219.807Now Rp153.864,90
Was Rp250.716Now Rp238.180,20
Was Rp231.015,89Now Rp173.261,92
Was Rp132.894Now Rp86.381,10
Was Rp146.700Now Rp110.025
Was Rp136.418Now Rp115.955,30
Was Rp128.448Now Rp109.180,80
Was Rp492.790Now Rp320.313,50
Was Rp363.276Now Rp236.129,40
Was Rp623.155Now Rp405.050,75
Was Rp121.502,99Now Rp97.202,39
Was Rp145.858Now Rp140.858
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