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Was Rp538.054Now Rp365.050,28
Was Rp234.900Now Rp112.323,99
Was Rp223.178Now Rp127.799
Was Rp550.102Now Rp169.292
Was Rp307.547Now Rp187.660
Was Rp708.064Now Rp364.680
Was Rp137.120,30Now Rp109.633
Was Rp424.843Now Rp419.843
Was Rp88.992Now Rp61.793,49
Was Rp206.040Now Rp185.937,89
Was Rp212.189Now Rp119.393,29
Was Rp344.267Now Rp315.928
Was Rp1.112.604Now Rp1.108.935
Was Rp241.821Now Rp123.693,49
Was Rp337.113Now Rp332.113
Was Rp94.493Now Rp75.807
Was Rp315.863Now Rp191.404,39
Was Rp102.164Now Rp97.164
Was Rp343.702Now Rp338.702
Was Rp138.268Now ...
Was Rp117.506Now ...
Was Rp225.721Now ...
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