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Was Rp813.875,00 Now Rp793.875,00
Was Rp779.500,00 Now Rp759.500,00
Was Rp1.508.600,00 Now Rp1.488.600,00
Was Rp545.250,00 Now Rp525.250,00
Was Rp571.950,00 Now Rp551.950,00
Was Rp548.702,56 Now Rp384.091,80
Was Rp286.875,00 Now Rp266.875,00
Was Rp1.446.000,00 Now Rp1.426.000,00
Was Rp621.950,00 Now Rp601.950,00
Was Rp447.950,00 Now Rp427.950,00
Was Rp572.150,00 Now Rp552.150,00
Was Rp718.793,50 Now Rp143.758,70
Was Rp313.327,80 Now Rp187.996,69
Was Rp611.398,20 Now Rp366.838,94
Was Rp862.525,00 Now Rp842.525,00
Was Rp202.336,60 Now Rp141.635,62
Was Rp217.082,06 Now Rp43.416,41
Was Rp528.938,00 Now Rp370.256,60
Was Rp295.704,66 Now Rp236.563,72
Was Rp344.508,70 Now Rp324.508,70
Was Rp421.400,00 Now Rp401.400,00
Was Rp327.318,56 Now Rp307.318,56
Was Rp483.450,00 Now Rp463.450,00
Was Rp319.600,00 Now Rp299.600,00
Was Rp654.675,00 Now Rp634.675,00
Was Rp615.500,00 Now Rp595.500,00
Was Rp442.600,00 Now Rp422.600,00
Was Rp1.046.825,00 Now Rp1.026.825,00
Was Rp1.743.549,00 Now Rp1.717.387,00
Was Rp466.100,00 Now Rp446.100,00
Was Rp644.450,00 Now Rp624.450,00
Was Rp470.300,00 Now Rp450.300,00
Was Rp238.000,00 Now Rp203.829,00
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