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Was Rp406.017,00 Now Rp386.017,00
Was Rp604.443,90 Now Rp584.443,90
Was Rp198.793,00 Now Rp153.155,10
Was Rp513.842,00 Now Rp193.844,70
Was Rp494.138,00 Now Rp474.138,00
Was Rp382.678,00 Now Rp362.678,00
Was Rp649.724,00 Now Rp758,00
Was Rp606.649,00 Now Rp758,00
Was Rp185.777,00 Now Rp144.043,90
Was Rp224.103,00 Now Rp170.872,10
Was Rp205.709,00 Now Rp157.996,30
Was Rp199.537,00 Now Rp153.675,90
Was Rp187.399,19 Now Rp145.179,44
Was Rp206.745,00 Now Rp158.721,50
Was Rp208.237,00 Now Rp159.765,90
Was Rp293.427,00 Now Rp151.439,31
Was Rp212.701,00 Now Rp162.890,70
Was Rp456.500,00 Now Rp436.500,00
Was Rp219.002,00 Now Rp199.002,00
Was Rp194.763,00 Now Rp150.334,10
Was Rp612.443,00 Now Rp592.443,00
Was Rp224.707,00 Now Rp204.707,00
Was Rp217.793,00 Now Rp197.793,00
Was Rp626.677,20 Now Rp606.677,20
Was Rp206.243,00 Now Rp135.745,80
Was Rp363.376,00 Now Rp343.376,00
Was Rp409.881,00 Now Rp359.433,12
Was Rp382.295,00 Now Rp362.295,00
Was Rp858.036,00 Now Rp838.036,00
Was Rp606.036,00 Now Rp586.036,00
Was Rp190.333,00 Now Rp147.233,10
Was Rp442.420,00 Now Rp422.420,00
Was Rp475.555,28 Now Rp180.444,34
Was Rp313.948,60 Now Rp194.671,72
Was Rp171.329,60 Now Rp153.063,67
Was Rp212.950,00 Now Rp163.065,00
Was Rp196.645,00 Now Rp171.615,00
Was Rp175.999,00 Now Rp117.599,40
Was Rp196.014,00 Now Rp164.550,00
Was Rp444.582,00 Now Rp266.749,20
Was Rp252.036,00 Now Rp196.051,00
Was Rp213.927,00 Now Rp190.719,00
Was Rp234.693,00 Now Rp214.693,00
Was Rp191.000,00 Now Rp168.930,00
Was Rp211.794,00 Now Rp183.761,00
Was Rp210.526,61 Now Rp190.526,61
Was Rp196.360,14 Now Rp98.180,07
Was Rp271.020,00 Now Rp216.816,00
Was Rp223.153,00 Now Rp170.207,10
Was Rp330.836,00 Now Rp203.959,80
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