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Was Rp371.765,84 Now Rp338.500,00
Was Rp422.075,00 Now Rp369.497,00
Was Rp270.579,00 Now Rp221.299,00
Was Rp199.438,00 Now Rp179.292,00
Was Rp405.785,00 Now Rp357.828,00
Was Rp163.708,00 Now Rp143.875,00
Was Rp160.526,00 Now Rp143.255,00
Was Rp166.422,00 Now Rp146.566,00
Was Rp238.537,00 Now Rp198.970,00
Was Rp295.766,00 Now Rp253.328,00
Was Rp513.581,00 Now Rp460.217,00
Was Rp374.609,00 Now Rp328.216,00
Was Rp282.523,00 Now Rp240.749,00
Was Rp318.554,00 Now Rp274.973,00
Was Rp238.537,00 Now Rp198.970,00
Was Rp259.034,00 Now Rp218.438,00
Was Rp258.535,00 Now Rp232.615,00
Was Rp178.553,00 Now Rp133.799,00
Was Rp184.325,00 Now Rp139.313,00
Was Rp206.478,00 Now Rp160.474,00
Was Rp178.259,00 Now Rp133.518,00
Was Rp217.617,00 Now Rp171.114,00
Was Rp178.715,00 Now Rp133.954,00
Was Rp182.025,00 Now Rp137.116,00
Was Rp280.308,00 Now Rp230.999,00
Was Rp181.550,00 Now Rp136.662,00
Was Rp316.684,00 Now Rp279.127,00
Was Rp309.924,00 Now Rp272.581,00
Was Rp318.449,00 Now Rp280.836,00
Was Rp169.324,00 Now Rp132.947,00
Was Rp353.773,00 Now Rp317.813,00
Was Rp216.440,00 Now Rp181.861,00
Was Rp184.771,00 Now Rp151.226,00
Was Rp215.177,00 Now Rp180.725,00
Was Rp230.753,00 Now Rp205.228,00
Was Rp244.487,00 Now Rp217.104,00
Was Rp233.270,00 Now Rp205.382,00
Was Rp233.281,00 Now Rp198.245,00
Was Rp226.004,00 Now Rp202.529,00
Was Rp235.430,00 Now Rp200.326,00
Was Rp220.577,00 Now Rp188.707,00
Was Rp233.726,00 Now Rp201.215,00
Was Rp216.921,00 Now Rp185.215,00
Was Rp257.729,00 Now Rp229.802,00
Was Rp422.419,00 Now Rp366.076,00
Was Rp232.478,00 Now Rp195.883,00
Was Rp238.541,00 Now Rp205.308,00
Was Rp201.737,00 Now Rp165.130,00
Was Rp220.770,00 Now Rp188.545,00
Was Rp215.767,00 Now Rp184.112,00
Was Rp230.273,00 Now Rp195.150,00
Was Rp329.886,00 Now Rp292.546,00
Was Rp217.114,00 Now Rp185.399,00
Was Rp201.335,00 Now Rp175.556,00
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