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Was Rp682.584Now Rp632.962,56
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Was Rp338.245Now Rp319.389,38
Was Rp560.228Now Rp468.042,38
Was Rp346.377Now Rp282.847,10
Was Rp652.070Now Rp578.491
Was Rp700.353Now Rp613.246,06
Was Rp536.711Now Rp480.543
Was Rp739.545,56Now Rp738.468,56
Was Rp395.919Now Rp392.649,20
Was Rp396.509Now Rp392.649,20
Was Rp384.756Now Rp381.803,10
Was Rp389.620,38Now Rp358.422
Was Rp728.275Now Rp671.468
Was Rp715.745Now Rp715.161
Was Rp356.814Now Rp352.082
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