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Was Rp954.227,20 Now Rp898.925,00
Was Rp1.074.550,00 Now Rp985.144,00
Was Rp1.153.452,60 Now Rp987.786,00
Was Rp224.165,00 Now Rp177.369,00
Was Rp1.173.415,00 Now Rp967.312,00
Was Rp230.991,00 Now Rp203.293,00
Was Rp318.885,00 Now Rp267.848,00
Was Rp215.937,00 Now Rp172.112,00
Was Rp268.334,00 Now Rp228.775,00
Was Rp247.610,00 Now Rp200.754,00
Was Rp254.000,00 Now Rp185.427,00
Was Rp422.000,00 Now Rp300.005,00
Was Rp383.939,28 Now Rp374.884,00
Was Rp210.494,00 Now Rp174.112,00
Was Rp182.682,00 Now Rp158.936,00
Was Rp176.675,00 Now Rp142.922,00
Was Rp282.067,00 Now Rp247.531,00
Was Rp294.426,00 Now Rp263.961,00
Was Rp274.251,00 Now Rp234.426,00
Was Rp188.765,00 Now Rp141.268,00
Was Rp195.917,00 Now Rp160.205,00
Was Rp234.679,00 Now Rp171.095,00
Was Rp236.354,00 Now Rp208.043,00
Was Rp341.730,00 Now Rp298.877,00
Was Rp200.959,00 Now Rp164.424,00
Was Rp300.942,00 Now Rp260.926,00
Was Rp346.579,00 Now Rp303.509,00
Was Rp285.432,00 Now Rp245.106,00
Was Rp192.584,00 Now Rp156.424,00
Was Rp262.248,00 Now Rp222.962,00
Was Rp226.718,00 Now Rp192.370,00
Was Rp194.440,00 Now Rp174.337,00
Was Rp204.954,00 Now Rp159.018,00
Was Rp176.226,00 Now Rp142.191,00
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