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Was Rp343.750,00 Now Rp314.968,00
Was Rp492.923,00 Now Rp294.009,00
Was Rp224.753,88 Now Rp203.293,00
Was Rp375.439,60 Now Rp150.175,83
Was Rp247.610,00 Now Rp200.754,00
Was Rp234.679,00 Now Rp171.095,00
Was Rp188.765,00 Now Rp141.268,00
Was Rp195.917,00 Now Rp160.205,00
Was Rp226.718,00 Now Rp192.370,00
Was Rp300.942,00 Now Rp260.926,00
Was Rp261.288,00 Now Rp228.384,00
Was Rp277.271,00 Now Rp244.060,00
Was Rp276.207,00 Now Rp241.740,00
Was Rp176.226,00 Now Rp142.191,00
Was Rp191.181,00 Now Rp146.769,00
Was Rp305.062,00 Now Rp266.927,00
Was Rp592.257,00 Now Rp391.686,00
Was Rp477.644,00 Now Rp316.530,00
Was Rp174.159,00 Now Rp149.692,00
Was Rp280.350,00 Now Rp229.386,00
Was Rp292.400,00 Now Rp213.980,00
Was Rp232.663,00 Now Rp177.987,00
Was Rp192.109,00 Now Rp147.476,00
Was Rp178.465,00 Now Rp159.960,00
Was Rp751.316,00 Now Rp663.525,00
Was Rp197.321,00 Now Rp152.479,00
Was Rp343.576,00 Now Rp304.689,00
Was Rp180.137,00 Now Rp156.604,00
Was Rp868.144,00 Now Rp574.770,00
Was Rp393.190,00 Now Rp305.035,00
Was Rp235.544,00 Now Rp199.801,00
Was Rp344.446,00 Now Rp305.530,00
Was Rp220.301,00 Now Rp184.168,00
Was Rp250.090,84 Now Rp220.863,00
Was Rp267.550,00 Now Rp245.972,00
Was Rp161.159,40 Now Rp155.773,00
Was Rp907.393,06 Now Rp877.705,00
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