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Was Rp613.820Now Rp609.060
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Was Rp582.285Now Rp556.700
Was Rp464.655Now Rp463.755
Was Rp464.000Now Rp459.035
Was Rp618.620Now Rp454.535
Was Rp584.890Now Rp574.070
Was Rp571.315Now Rp555.100
Was Rp587.235Now Rp561.650
Was Rp497.370Now Rp456.665
Was Rp482.190Now Rp465.385
Was Rp563.200Now Rp547.787
Was Rp555.366Now Rp552.045
Was Rp650.775Now Rp624.845
Was Rp544.365Now Rp522.911
Was Rp527.895Now Rp501.115
Was Rp473.655Now Rp458.970
Was Rp558.390Now Rp531.850
Was Rp560.550Now Rp534.180
Was Rp478.890Now Rp458.300
Was Rp523.850Now Rp497.065
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