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Was Rp434.990,00 Now Rp414.990,00
Was Rp346.482,00 Now Rp326.482,00
Was Rp339.755,00 Now Rp293.380,28
Was Rp292.964,20 Now Rp263.667,78
Was Rp707.728,60 Now Rp636.955,75
Was Rp300.910,00 Now Rp280.910,00
Was Rp480.930,00 Now Rp460.930,00
Was Rp431.724,00 Now Rp411.724,00
Was Rp708.978,00 Now Rp688.978,00
Was Rp189.739,00 Now Rp180.252,05
Was Rp296.756,60 Now Rp267.080,94
Was Rp368.820,00 Now Rp348.820,00
Was Rp341.078,00 Now Rp272.862,40
Was Rp329.086,00 Now Rp296.177,40
Was Rp427.278,00 Now Rp407.278,00
Was Rp406.290,00 Now Rp386.290,00
Was Rp257.330,00 Now Rp231.597,00
Was Rp400.155,00 Now Rp360.139,50
Was Rp236.392,00 Now Rp189.113,60
Was Rp168.533,00 Now Rp151.679,70
Was Rp337.536,00 Now Rp303.782,40
Was Rp279.325,00 Now Rp195.527,50
Was Rp229.505,00 Now Rp206.554,50
Was Rp512.392,00 Now Rp333.054,80
Was Rp592.505,00 Now Rp355.503,00
Was Rp337.139,00 Now Rp286.568,16
Was Rp338.568,00 Now Rp304.711,20
Was Rp309.483,00 Now Rp263.060,56
Was Rp268.260,00 Now Rp214.608,00
Was Rp208.638,00 Now Rp156.478,50
Was Rp362.649,00 Now Rp290.119,20
Was Rp410.832,00 Now Rp349.207,20
Was Rp183.840,00 Now Rp165.456,00
Was Rp215.436,00 Now Rp193.892,40
Was Rp264.416,00 Now Rp224.753,60
Was Rp138.173,00 Now Rp117.447,05
Was Rp176.344,00 Now Rp158.709,60
Was Rp180.835,00 Now Rp81.375,75
Was Rp331.142,00 Now Rp248.356,50
Was Rp327.553,00 Now Rp278.420,06
Was Rp377.697,00 Now Rp357.697,00
Was Rp315.740,00 Now Rp295.740,00
Was Rp276.782,00 Now Rp256.782,00
Was Rp392.545,00 Now Rp372.545,00
Was Rp410.295,00 Now Rp390.295,00
Was Rp468.155,00 Now Rp448.155,00
Was Rp407.896,00 Now Rp387.896,00
Was Rp494.442,00 Now Rp474.442,00
Was Rp630.232,00 Now Rp610.232,00
Was Rp323.779,00 Now Rp303.779,00
Was Rp299.410,00 Now Rp279.410,00
Was Rp291.500,00 Now Rp271.500,00
Was Rp350.510,00 Now Rp330.510,00
Was Rp418.019,97 Now Rp398.019,97
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