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Was Rp505.478,88 Now Rp394.310,12
Was Rp590.424,30 Now Rp563.000,00
Was Rp509.900,53 Now Rp393.139,88
Was Rp529.397,75 Now Rp512.000,00
Was Rp315.000,00 Now Rp257.000,00
Was Rp459.570,10 Now Rp415.000,00
Was Rp1.204.875,00 Now Rp1.042.000,00
Was Rp780.000,00 Now Rp549.000,00
Was Rp480.245,38 Now Rp370.000,00
Was Rp291.540,00 Now Rp257.848,00
Was Rp563.804,90 Now Rp512.000,00
Was Rp584.046,94 Now Rp482.188,10
Was Rp628.328,25 Now Rp447.972,72
Was Rp789.000,00 Now Rp774.000,00
Was Rp534.200,00 Now Rp516.150,00
Was Rp284.093,30 Now Rp255.000,00
Was Rp747.000,00 Now Rp560.000,00
Was Rp358.615,00 Now Rp272.000,00
Was Rp555.796,90 Now Rp443.728,06
Was Rp478.694,30 Now Rp370.000,00
Was Rp480.437,72 Now Rp410.000,00
Was Rp478.384,12 Now Rp370.000,00
Was Rp479.004,53 Now Rp370.000,00
Was Rp247.077,86 Now Rp215.000,00
Was Rp479.506,72 Now Rp410.000,00
Was Rp283.383,38 Now Rp230.000,00
Was Rp555.200,00 Now Rp491.129,00
Was Rp410.200,00 Now Rp387.700,00
Was Rp219.350,00 Now Rp205.100,00
Was Rp544.179,06 Now Rp410.000,00
Was Rp414.152,00 Now Rp374.723,00
Was Rp1.138.759,00 Now Rp1.110.490,00
Was Rp542.607,90 Now Rp410.000,00
Was Rp364.000,00 Now Rp352.000,00
Was Rp758.005,00 Now Rp680.772,00
Was Rp320.589,00 Now Rp260.824,00
Was Rp1.171.065,00 Now Rp1.125.000,00
Was Rp603.257,00 Now Rp503.032,00
Was Rp553.818,94 Now Rp410.000,00
Was Rp505.999,00 Now Rp361.999,00
Was Rp314.779,00 Now Rp242.282,00
Was Rp552.247,75 Now Rp410.000,00
Was Rp245.100,00 Now Rp235.550,00
Was Rp414.173,00 Now Rp384.785,00
Was Rp494.619,00 Now Rp448.000,00
Was Rp749.400,00 Now Rp727.050,00
Was Rp245.384,00 Now Rp228.438,00
Was Rp333.381,00 Now Rp287.110,00
Was Rp656.999,00 Now Rp524.999,00
Was Rp1.326.783,00 Now Rp1.304.009,00
Was Rp545.100,00 Now Rp518.000,00
Was Rp219.959,98 Now Rp195.999,00
Was Rp159.823,00 Now Rp143.376,00
Was Rp520.204,16 Now Rp351.116,40
Was Rp382.415,28 Now Rp208.737,00
Was Rp491.769,00 Now Rp360.496,34
Was Rp393.784,78 Now Rp204.236,00
Was Rp176.305,00 Now Rp158.049,00
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