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Was Rp456.919,72 Now Rp391.878,00
Was Rp686.716,44 Now Rp613.000,00
Was Rp651.919,94 Now Rp464.531,70
Was Rp751.810,25 Now Rp684.325,00
Was Rp1.008.832,60 Now Rp934.000,00
Was Rp356.050,12 Now Rp320.000,00
Was Rp362.318,84 Now Rp202.000,00
Was Rp998.322,40 Now Rp990.000,00
Was Rp1.019.362,75 Now Rp887.165,40
Was Rp898.178,80 Now Rp700.000,00
Was Rp541.192,00 Now Rp522.706,00
Was Rp472.173,00 Now Rp385.000,00
Was Rp336.535,78 Now Rp320.000,00
Was Rp458.416,84 Now Rp404.000,00
Was Rp539.572,94 Now Rp513.000,00
Was Rp470.045,88 Now Rp385.000,00
Was Rp706.000,00 Now Rp548.127,25
Was Rp623.904,10 Now Rp590.893,00
Was Rp442.325,97 Now Rp403.000,00
Was Rp523.578,12 Now Rp495.000,00
Was Rp471.230,90 Now Rp367.459,72
Was Rp519.886,12 Now Rp407.457,60
Was Rp557.181,75 Now Rp520.000,00
Was Rp613.060,20 Now Rp456.131,40
Was Rp323.241,60 Now Rp293.844,00
Was Rp412.747,47 Now Rp355.000,00
Was Rp433.741,00 Now Rp353.426,00
Was Rp349.316,66 Now Rp202.000,00
Was Rp254.932,00 Now Rp234.415,00
Was Rp153.975,00 Now Rp146.431,00
Was Rp776.000,00 Now Rp656.568,90
Was Rp678.403,20 Now Rp563.529,50
Was Rp430.934,90 Now Rp294.637,03
Was Rp709.900,30 Now Rp598.719,90
Was Rp650.968,70 Now Rp534.960,56
Was Rp591.000,00 Now Rp489.806,88
Was Rp527.594,00 Now Rp510.000,00
Was Rp515.558,84 Now Rp408.234,44
Was Rp1.437.129,20 Now Rp1.399.000,00
Was Rp370.255,53 Now Rp335.000,00
Was Rp701.725,00 Now Rp628.200,00
Was Rp442.726,44 Now Rp406.000,00
Was Rp540.018,94 Now Rp520.000,00
Was Rp533.822,00 Now Rp427.088,00
Was Rp483.370,16 Now Rp434.000,00
Was Rp454.464,38 Now Rp440.000,00
Was Rp499.415,00 Now Rp478.412,00
Was Rp461.664,30 Now Rp425.000,00
Was Rp632.834,50 Now Rp575.000,00
Was Rp311.184,00 Now Rp292.000,00
Was Rp352.828,60 Now Rp320.000,00
Was Rp411.358,00 Now Rp392.345,00
Was Rp326.784,50 Now Rp287.011,00
Was Rp307.867,12 Now Rp272.000,00
Was Rp614.727,10 Now Rp493.587,47
Was Rp159.521,00 Now Rp145.806,00
Was Rp520.000,00 Now Rp333.171,53
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