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Strategy Card Games

Was Rp617.355,50 Now Rp608.355,50
Was Rp190.587,00 Now Rp152.469,60
Was Rp814.338,00 Now Rp794.816,70
Was Rp341.940,38 Now Rp341.244,97
Was Rp340.209,40 Now Rp331.209,40
Was Rp570.719,00 Now Rp561.719,00
Was Rp555.537,00 Now Rp546.537,00
Was Rp448.342,00 Now Rp439.342,00
Was Rp1.223.395,00 Now Rp997.432,00
Was Rp293.864,00 Now Rp289.007,00
Was Rp410.039,00 Now Rp401.039,00
Was Rp715.121,06 Now Rp706.121,06
Was Rp553.663,00 Now Rp544.663,00
Was Rp474.125,00 Now Rp426.712,50
Was Rp593.265,00 Now Rp584.265,00
Was Rp314.109,22 Now Rp305.109,22
Was Rp537.483,56 Now Rp528.483,56
Was Rp533.146,20 Now Rp524.146,20
Was Rp227.028,00 Now Rp218.028,00
Was Rp583.768,44 Now Rp574.768,44
Was Rp216.578,00 Now Rp184.091,30
Was Rp492.413,00 Now Rp483.413,00
Was Rp1.113.268,00 Now Rp1.111.121,00
Was Rp216.877,00 Now Rp214.857,00
Was Rp322.963,00 Now Rp316.619,00
Was Rp234.430,00 Now Rp232.322,00
Was Rp282.599,00 Now Rp279.180,00
Was Rp487.345,40 Now Rp478.345,40
Was Rp464.550,00 Now Rp455.550,00
Was Rp337.347,00 Now Rp334.206,00
Was Rp514.997,00 Now Rp386.247,75
Was Rp201.749,00 Now Rp199.935,00
Was Rp276.338,00 Now Rp272.995,00
Was Rp359.803,00 Now Rp355.484,00
Was Rp202.209,00 Now Rp199.763,00
Was Rp233.255,00 Now Rp224.255,00
Was Rp598.656,00 Now Rp593.081,00
Was Rp340.829,00 Now Rp331.829,00
Was Rp249.169,00 Now Rp240.169,00
Was Rp470.999,00 Now Rp316.323,00
Was Rp291.790,00 Now Rp248.021,50
Was Rp290.375,00 Now Rp287.671,00
Was Rp470.092,00 Now Rp399.578,20
Was Rp921.541,00 Now Rp913.255,00
Was Rp344.777,00 Now Rp341.566,00
Was Rp324.315,00 Now Rp291.883,50
Was Rp521.883,00 Now Rp512.883,00
Was Rp438.133,00 Now Rp434.053,00
Was Rp636.734,00 Now Rp630.804,00
Was Rp201.903,80 Now Rp192.903,80
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