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Was Rp1.521.349,00Now Rp1.345.651,00
Was Rp687.700,00Now Rp676.850,00
Was Rp1.690.187,00Now Rp1.342.948,00
Was Rp561.017,00Now Rp500.190,00
Was Rp920.392,00Now Rp825.418,00
Was Rp242.622,00Now Rp123.970,00
Was Rp1.791.841,00Now Rp1.595.126,00
Was Rp319.912,00Now Rp244.193,00
Was Rp304.053,00Now Rp233.632,00
Was Rp548.650,00Now Rp445.515,00
Was Rp487.882,00Now Rp391.744,00
Was Rp1.754.819,00Now Rp679.656,00
Was Rp1.079.549,00Now Rp893.257,00
Was Rp484.683,00Now Rp404.999,00
Was Rp473.774,00Now Rp405.803,00
Was Rp1.072.808,00Now Rp916.989,00
Was Rp586.127,00Now Rp251.866,00
Was Rp267.778,00Now Rp196.923,00
Was Rp549.967,00Now Rp467.687,00
Was Rp351.765,00Now Rp246.231,00
Was Rp507.935,00Now Rp138.774,00
Was Rp317.777,00Now Rp226.090,00
Was Rp359.321,00Now Rp281.599,00
Was Rp495.729,00Now Rp124.162,00
Was Rp627.275,00Now Rp239.340,00
Was Rp361.033,00Now Rp270.711,00
Was Rp511.371,00Now Rp116.027,00
Was Rp531.618,00Now Rp442.041,00
Was Rp1.280.943,00Now Rp1.105.704,00
Was Rp357.355,00Now Rp249.899,00
Was Rp535.737,00Now Rp425.885,00
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