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Was Rp813.875,00 Now Rp793.875,00
Was Rp779.500,00 Now Rp759.500,00
Was Rp1.013.275,00 Now Rp875.350,00
Was Rp270.000,00 Now Rp249.999,98
Was Rp920.850,00 Now Rp900.850,00
Was Rp1.508.600,00 Now Rp1.488.600,00
Was Rp438.800,00 Now Rp418.800,00
Was Rp293.650,00 Now Rp273.650,00
Was Rp847.100,00 Now Rp827.100,00
Was Rp911.925,00 Now Rp891.925,00
Was Rp773.950,00 Now Rp753.950,00
Was Rp318.825,00 Now Rp310.575,00
Was Rp1.547.400,00 Now Rp1.440.000,00
Was Rp545.250,00 Now Rp525.250,00
Was Rp766.950,00 Now Rp746.950,00
Was Rp571.950,00 Now Rp551.950,00
Was Rp548.702,56 Now Rp384.091,80
Was Rp291.700,00 Now Rp271.700,00
Was Rp360.000,00 Now Rp340.000,00
Was Rp307.500,00 Now Rp287.500,00
Was Rp225.950,00 Now Rp205.950,00
Was Rp398.391,40 Now Rp378.391,40
Was Rp286.875,00 Now Rp266.875,00
Was Rp1.446.000,00 Now Rp1.426.000,00
Was Rp621.950,00 Now Rp601.950,00
Was Rp536.725,00 Now Rp516.725,00
Was Rp921.800,00 Now Rp901.800,00
Was Rp156.093,77 Now Rp78.046,88
Was Rp412.500,00 Now Rp392.500,00
Was Rp282.875,00 Now Rp262.875,00
Was Rp224.892,10 Now Rp157.424,45
Was Rp214.997,73 Now Rp85.999,10
Was Rp447.950,00 Now Rp427.950,00
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