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Was Rp659.837,00Now Rp561.835,00
Was Rp615.037,00Now Rp590.735,00
Was Rp399.648,00Now Rp331.570,00
Was Rp504.958,10Now Rp504.958,00
Was Rp772.291,00Now Rp744.102,00
Was Rp1.506.058,00Now Rp1.423.216,00
Was Rp517.390,00Now Rp489.250,00
Was Rp173.853,00Now Rp155.198,00
Was Rp280.000,00Now Rp271.000,00
Was Rp127.950,00Now Rp118.950,00
Was Rp672.375,06Now Rp672.375,00
Was Rp627.017,00Now Rp497.763,00
Was Rp419.508,00Now Rp343.380,00
Was Rp1.579.635,00Now Rp1.345.869,00
Was Rp982.869,00Now Rp815.527,00
Was Rp234.514,00Now Rp206.121,00
Was Rp200.378,00Now Rp174.670,00
Was Rp164.950,00Now Rp143.640,00
Was Rp286.129,00Now Rp243.172,00
Was Rp174.576,00Now Rp156.920,00
Was Rp784.965,00Now Rp679.338,00
Was Rp785.688,00Now Rp681.412,00
Was Rp539.025,00Now Rp403.063,00
Was Rp350.150,00Now Rp299.642,00
Was Rp619.862,00Now Rp545.812,00
Was Rp183.791,00Now Rp162.276,00
Was Rp183.791,00Now Rp162.276,00
Was Rp183.791,00Now Rp162.276,00
Was Rp543.616,00Now Rp423.352,00
Was Rp812.257,00Now Rp710.184,00
Was Rp1.795.734,00Now Rp1.544.304,00
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