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Was Rp213.019,00 Now Rp175.511,00
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Was Rp401.364,00 Now Rp359.720,00
Was Rp223.618,00 Now Rp176.847,00
Was Rp408.503,00 Now Rp362.653,00
Was Rp293.549,00 Now Rp252.858,00
Was Rp327.919,00 Now Rp289.833,00
Was Rp269.507,00 Now Rp242.080,00
Was Rp371.937,00 Now Rp332.285,00
Was Rp231.835,00 Now Rp203.363,00
Was Rp230.546,00 Now Rp205.355,00
Was Rp213.889,00 Now Rp178.559,00
Was Rp355.646,00 Now Rp312.168,00
Was Rp236.141,00 Now Rp211.416,00
Was Rp281.168,00 Now Rp251.616,00
Was Rp337.065,00 Now Rp294.422,00
Was Rp331.110,00 Now Rp288.733,00
Was Rp230.282,00 Now Rp205.488,00
Was Rp231.510,00 Now Rp206.735,00
Was Rp214.312,00 Now Rp189.329,00
Was Rp223.227,00 Now Rp198.391,00
Was Rp221.020,00 Now Rp196.116,00
Was Rp270.296,00 Now Rp225.158,00
Was Rp251.101,00 Now Rp220.501,00
Was Rp203.852,00 Now Rp165.313,00
Was Rp392.175,00 Now Rp324.050,00
Was Rp230.940,00 Now Rp206.154,00
Was Rp218.510,00 Now Rp193.577,00
Was Rp224.561,00 Now Rp199.699,00
Was Rp263.987,00 Now Rp225.477,00
Was Rp231.947,00 Now Rp191.896,00
Was Rp238.203,00 Now Rp205.651,00
Was Rp231.118,00 Now Rp194.331,00
Was Rp363.318,00 Now Rp319.496,00
Was Rp269.712,00 Now Rp231.880,00
Was Rp203.654,00 Now Rp170.228,00
Was Rp215.791,00 Now Rp182.683,00
Was Rp310.499,00 Now Rp278.992,00
Was Rp221.849,00 Now Rp196.955,00
Was Rp213.442,00 Now Rp188.448,00
Was Rp231.247,00 Now Rp193.352,00
Was Rp386.568,00 Now Rp341.702,00
Was Rp265.182,00 Now Rp225.764,00
Was Rp236.371,00 Now Rp211.649,00
Was Rp227.516,00 Now Rp202.689,00
Was Rp209.759,00 Now Rp184.722,00
Was Rp221.808,00 Now Rp196.913,00
Was Rp217.172,00 Now Rp192.223,00
Was Rp238.728,00 Now Rp214.034,00
Was Rp231.592,00 Now Rp206.814,00
Was Rp259.241,00 Now Rp220.048,00
Was Rp229.095,00 Now Rp199.739,00
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